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Cell Phone Repair

How to Replace a broken or damage charging port on 

your smartphone 

Game Console Repair

How to repair Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo switch in this video I will be replacing the HDMI port. Because the Video Game console does not display a image i will assume this is the issue with it.


Laptop Computer Repair

We Fix MacBook,  Windows PC, HP, Dell and Gateway computer just to name a few. Crack Screen, Bad Battery, Hard drive or liquid spill can cause you computer to fail to start up when you need it the most. We can help with this issue and more. Looking to upgrade your computer? or fix software issues like viruses and malware.

Tablet Repair

Let us Fix your iPad, Galaxy tab, Kindle fire And other android tablets. We troubleshoot a wide Range of issues like Charging Port, Crack Screen, Battery Replacement and other problem that mite be causing your device to not turn on or function properly.

Smartwatch Repair

 How to Fix Apple or Android Galaxy Smartwatch/ Fitness Tracker battery or crack glass.