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The Rice Truth

Have you seen on the internet that if your phone gets wet to put it into some rice for a few hours and that will get rid of the water?

Well there is some truth to that, but the statement to put the phone into some rice and it will fix the phone is not true. There are 2 problems the rice cause:

1. The grains get stuck inside your charging port

  1. It simply doesn't get the water out from inside your phone.

The truth is the rice does absorb the water but the water trap inside the phone does not get absorbed. If the water sits for a while inside the phone, it causes corrosion and damage to other key parts of the device making the repair even harder.

So if you find yourself in trouble waters with your electronics find lo al repair shop in your area let the know whats going on to see how they can help this could save you thousands of dollars so you don't have to replace your expenses phone or computer.

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