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Playstation 5 blue light of death

Game consoles can sometimes have issues turning on or loading games because of the blue light of death. The blue light of death is when you press the power button and your console beeps but does not display an image. While there is no image, the status light stays blue and does not turn white.

.....let's begin the test.

Step 1

Try and load into safe mode. To load into safe mode you press and hold the power button until you hear the second beep. If your console successfully loads into safe mode you can now try to factory reset or re install the console operation system.

Step 2

If neither of the above methods work, your blue light of death might be coming from a hardware failure which is motherboard related and harder to fix. The console must be taken apart and diagnosed to find out which hardware has failed. If still under warranty , contact Sony for further instructions.

Step 3

If your console is out of warranty or can't find a local repair shop, contact us so we can help repair your console and get you back in the game.


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