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iPhone not charging

If your having problem with your iphone charging hear is some suggestions that mite help. First try and use a different charging cable if you have a oem cable checking to see if the cable is broken. If the cable is not broken and it's not a oem cable try replacing the cable with a oem cable. Another thing you can try is replacing the charger adapter box that plugs into the outlet. If you have try both suggestions that I have made then the next step would be to check of pocket lint or other junk in the Port of the etc if you work out doors check for dirt. If you have done all these steps then you phone mite have a board issue related to the charging chip.

This is a common issue with older iphone this happens without warning ⚠️ the phone will stop charging and leave you phone less with no means of communication. If you feel like this is you contact us we can help.

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