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Hurricane Ian Destroyed our Store

We started this repair business during the recession and ended after a devastating storm. For the last 11 years, our small repair shop provided electronic repair services to our community, as well the snow birds that visit yearly. Some of our oldest customers came from Canada each year. Hurricane Ian was a lot more than we all expected. It completely destroyed hundreds of homes just in our small town , tore down buildings that stood even through Hurricane Charley, and has displaced thousands. With that being said, and with a heavy heart we have decided to close our doors and move our small business into our home. We are taking an old shed and working on converting it into the new office, where we will continue to work on customer repairs. If you have any devices that need a repair please contact us. We will be providing a mobile repair option as well as mail in. It would greatly help us with this rebuilding process. If you are local, please contact us as our phone number has not changed. We will do our best to repair your device as fast as possible with the same accuracy, honesty and professionalism that we have for the last 11 years. We thank you for your continued trust in our company during this new chapter.

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